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Where in the World to River Cruise

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Hiking in Spitz, Austria, a market town in the Wachau Valley

Where Can I River Cruise?

You’ve settled on a river cruise - you’re drawn to the small ships, the off-the-beaten-path destinations, the service and the cuisine, all of which are wonderful reasons to cruise our world’s most beautiful rivers. But now comes the biggest decision of all - where to cruise? From the romantic Rhine to the mighty Mississippi to the western US waterways such as the Columbia and Snake Rivers, your cruise showcases the lifeblood of these regions and brings you right into the heart of your destination.

Take a look at the world’s major river-cruising destinations, then be in touch so I can find the right one for you.



The Danube River offers river cruisers access to ten countries, centuries of old-world history, art and architecture and strikingly green countryside. For history buffs who want to see where it all went down over the decades in Europe, this is where to cruise.


Another legendary European waterway, the scenic Rhine passes fairytale landscapes and storybook castles as it winds its way through six countries. Relive medieval history as you disembark in charming villages and vibrant cities.


A quieter river-cruise option, the Main is a Rhine tributary that offers ornate palace, historic towns and expansive vineyards. From Miltenberg’s half-timbered houses to Nuremberg’s Market Square, feel the rich culture of the region.


For romantics and wine lovers, there’s no better choice than the Douro River, which passes ancient wine estates between Porto and Lisbon. Don’t worry - there will be plenty of chances to disembark for wine tastings at delightful quintas in the Douro Valley.


Art aficionados adore the Seine for its pastoral landscapes and bucolic villages that served as the muse for so many renowned Impressionists. World War II buffs will enjoy the chance to explore Normandy - and, of course, there’s perennially popular Paris on the itinerary.


Experience France, Luxembourg and Germany in one cruise, focusing on pretty wine-growing regions (including those that deliver the world’s best Rieslings), medieval Trier, millennium-old Reichsburg Castle and quaint Koblenz’s Old Town at the juncture of the Moselle and the Rhine.


Tell your own tales on the fabled Rhone River, as you sail through Provence, past Roman-era historic sites, and into vineyards and farm land. Food and wine enthusiasts particularly relish the opportunity to visit Lyon for its fabulous culinary scene.

​A lower Mississippi river cruise will take you under the famous Vicksburg Bridge.

United States


Stretching from Minnesota’s Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi’s 2,350 miles reveal American history in a way no textbook ever could. Transform your appreciation for the various landscapes and cultures woven into the tapestry of our country. The Lower Mississippi is deeply rooted in southern US history and is where you’ll find Civil War history, antebellum mansions, Cajun and Creole cuisine and plenty of jazz and blues music. For mainstream Americana, lots of wildlife (from egrets and bald eagles to turtles and otters) and to pass through a series of more than 20 locks, choose the Upper Mississippi between St. Louis and St. Paul.

Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland

Cruise through America’s heartland on the Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland rivers, the same waterways that opened the west to early pioneers. Pass rolling farmland, towering bluffs, historic railroad bridges and more. Experience the cultural centers of Nashville, Cincinnati, Memphis and more as you learn about life along the river.

Columbia and Snake

Follow in the footsteps of early pioneers and explorers such as Lewis and Clark as you cruise along the Columbia and Snake rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Spend peaceful moments gazing at the quiet land, rocky cliffs and wine country that line these mighty waterways. Cruise past historic sites, locks and dams, gaze upon wondrous waterfalls and glimpse sea lions sunbathing on the rocks. Wine lovers, rejoice - there are cruises dedicated to the vintages of the PNW, where boutique wineries show off the fruits of their varied microclimates.

Visit the iconic Giza complex in Cairo while on a Nile Cruise.

Egypt/The Nile

Craving a destination even farther afield? Consider cruising the Nile, the birthplace of one of history’s greatest civilizations. Depending on the line you choose to travel with, you may be accompanied by an expert Egyptologist who can help unveil the region’s secrets, from the pyramids of Cairo to the temples of Luxor.

Your choices are as numerous as the river is wide. Together, we can narrow the options to find the perfect river cruise for your travel style and interests. Reach out by booking a consultation through my Services page. I'd love to chat!


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