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6 Reasons to Take a Multi-Generational River Cruise

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Consider an itinerary with a visit to the lavender fields in Provence ​for a once-in-lifetime family experience!

As you reach a stage in life when you have more time to relax, more weeks of the year to travel and more time to spend with family, it’s natural to want to gather your nearest and dearest for a vacation together. Multigenerational trips are magical in the way they connect grandparents, grandkids and cousins near and far, but what can you do that will satisfy all ages, interests and activity levels? ​

River cruising, wherever you choose to sail, can be one of the best multigenerational options out there for families wanting to reconnect and experience a new part of the world together. There are varying choices of cabins, some with connecting staterooms, and a whole slew of activity options, from biking for the active family members to gentle walking for the not-quite-so-active family members. And that’s not all - here I’ll give my top 6 reasons why your extended family may want to consider a river cruise for your next out-of-this-world vacation.

Working with families on bucket list adventures is one of my favorite trips to plan!

1) Depending on the Cruise Line, River Cruises Are Age-Inclusive

​That means that even the preschool set is welcome aboard (often age four and up). With connecting staterooms available on many ships, parents can easily keep an eye on younger kiddos and spread out with any kid gear they may need to bring along.

2) There Are Options for Different Budgets

Within the various stateroom choices, members of your family will find an accommodation that meets their budget. Some may want to be a bit extravagant and treat themselves to a suite with an open-air balcony, while others may prefer a window stateroom that is friendlier on the budget, but still offers every creature comfort.

3) Play Together, But Have Privacy, Too

Of course, the main purpose of your multigenerational river cruise is to spend as much time together as possible. But everyone needs a break sometimes. On a river cruise vessel, there’s plenty of room to spread out, while still retaining the intimate, exclusive feel of a private yacht. Whether on a shore excursion, lounging on the sun deck or slipping away to the library with a good book, there’s a space for everyone and then plenty of time later to reconvene over dinner and drinks.

4) Menus that Cater to All Tastes

The foodies among you, and even the less-than-adventuresome children - will find much to love on a river cruise, where the menu typically changes daily and is reflective of the local cuisine. If it’s not perfect for a kiddo palate, there’s always standard North American fare like steak, fries, pizza and salad. Dietary accommodations are easy to meet as well, whether vegan, gluten-free, low sodium or allergen-free.

A family river cruise in France with a visit to the Eiffel Tower ​is an unforgettable experience!

5) Activities for All Ages and Interests

We all have our own way of experiencing a new destination. Whether your group prefers to ride bikes through the countryside, take a cooking class or spend an afternoon in an art or history museum, river cruises typically offer numerous options throughout the week. Everyone in your family is bound to find several activities that speak to them and, who knows, they may even find a new passion!

6) Explore at Your Own Pace

As with activity choice, river cruise shore excursions are categorized by easy, regular or active, so that all ability and energy levels have a perfect fit. If mobility is a challenge, there will still be an immersive way to experience a city. No one will miss out!

Convinced? I truly believe a river cruise is one of the best multigenerational vacation options out there today. What’s more, you can sail just about anywhere your heart desires, from the Rhine River to the Peruvian Amazon. Let’s chat about your own wonderful family and what might work best for you. Reach out by scheduling a consultation through my Services page.


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